In a world that is constantly changing, Queston was created to present ‘wellness’ in its entirety to everyone in a succinct and engaging way that works in unison with today’s hectic modern lifestyle.

We are conscious that people are becoming more aware and have greater desire to take responsibility in helping others and the world, yet often when it comes to maintaining one's own health and wellbeing, many do not know where to start.  A lot of new services and techniques are now being promoted in the industry, along with others that claim to be resurfacing from ancient methods. 

There are so many different avenues of wellness, with its endless products, services and practitioners ever increasing - but no strong, well-structured mainstream platform in place for those searching to know what is right for them.

The drive behind creating the go-to wellness platform is ultimately to release the restrictive stigma tied to anything labelled ‘alternative’ regarding health, healing and wellbeing. Queston’s mission is to empower people to know that anyone can be in control of their self-actualisation, through having the right mind-set, being armed with knowledge and having a community around them that supports that entire journey.  

As the industry evolves and becomes evermore popular, it is our aim to provide detailed explanations of how each type of practise works and to confirm its authenticity. Queston shall be breaking down the vast amount of wellness areas into well-defined categories with valid reviews and recommendations. The concept of Queston is to help people assess where they are and be active in finding themselves.  We can all at some point in our lives experience inner feelings of being lost and unsatisfied, so wish to help one identify with their sense of self, discover their true strengths and gain the tools they need to go forward and create a fulfilling and satisfying life.  

Because the journey of life should be fun!


Maria & Nicola, Queston Wellness

Awakening to Wellness


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