Maria & Nicola, Co-Founders of Queston Wellness

Maria Surman & Nicola Gambin
Queston Wellness

Having been close friends from early childhood, we have always shared a passion for positivity whilst wishing to spread our enthusiasm about the many known (and not so well-known) areas of healing to encourage wellbeing, inspiration, motivation and above all, happiness!

For many years immersed in busy careers in London, and now both mothers, our focus is being channelled in a new direction, and entirely more enjoyable. Being very similar and extremely open-minded, we appreciate the fun things in life with a little touch of magic.  Looking 'outside the box', we have each felt compelled at different times to explore our curiosity.  

What we have found, through our experience, is that enlightenment cannot be sought - rather it finds you - and comes about when you least expect it once consciously removing the outer fog and seeing everything in your life clearly, without judgement. The best reward is getting to know yourself anew, on an entirely deeper level. For many seeking a path of greater self-expansion or a way out of the darkness, escaping depression, etc., it is easy to become tightly entwined in a cycle of experimentation with various types of therapies, treatments, empowerment talks/workshops, holistic practises and spiritual paths, all which seem appealing in so many ways. 

Although these can each be highly beneficial, (when applied correctly by the right person at the right time), very often there is a significant lack of direction and support. For an individual going through a major period of self or ‘soul’ searching, without the right support, there is a danger of being left subsequently overwhelmed, unfulfilled and feeling let down by these experiences, made all the more deflating in that these very things had promised a last glimmer of hope for healing.

We all as individuals are constantly learning and evolving: we aim to make the knowledge, practises and resources more readily available, easily understandable - and the goals more attainable - so that a brand new chapter in one's journey, can begin - at full force.

The Quest is on!


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