Awaken book


Launching November 2018

AWAKEN is revolutionary in the way enables us to understand the Universe and ourselves.

Inspired by the insight of Yogis from ancient India, visionary physicist, David Ash, has dedicated his life to developing a vortex physics that bridges the physical with the non-physical. He has opened the frontiers of science to the supernatural and the paranormal in a way never before possible. 

David shows there may be super-energy realities co-existing with our world in dimensions beyond the speed of light and our range of perception. 

With his new super-physics he illuminates the nature of spirit and soul, the mysteries of life after death, near death experiences, reincarnation, healings and miraculous manifestations.  

He also predicts we are due for colossal geophysical changes resulting from a shifting of the Earth’s crust, as endorsed by Einstein. Through the Vortex physics he is able to explain climate change, global warming, the reversal of the earth’s poles and how anti-matter at the centre of the earth could be responsible for these changes. 

David Ash predicts a process whereby the speed of energy in the whirlpools of light forming the subatomic particles of our bodies can be accelerated beyond the speed of light enabling us to ascend into super-physical realms.

AWAKEN is an offering of love and hope for the awakening of humanity into higher worlds of extraordinary possibility.  AWAKEN leads you to your ASCENSION. We are stepping into new times. Here is your guidebook.


The FREE-TO-READ not-for-profit method by which AWAKEN is being distributed is also revolutionary: 

You take a Free-To–Read copy - and rather than buy it, you are asked to make a donation to recover its cost so that more copies can be bought to go into circulation. 

On the Free-To–Read you have AWAKEN for a month but then, read or unread, you are asked to pass it on to someone else to read and they, in turn, accept it under the same condition, to pass it on within a month. 

Like a library book AWAKEN is on constant loan. Copies-to-keep can be bought online but the copy you receive Free-To–Read has wings. It is given not sold so it is not possessed by anybody but is free to fly with a life of its own from person to person and remain in constant circulation. AWAKEN can reach many more people this way.

AWAKEN has not been written to lie idle in a bookcase. Books die on book shelves, they come to life when people are reading them. 

The Earth is dying. We are killing the planet with materialism. AWAKEN shows how materialism is a delusion. If we buy or borrow books and just keep them we add to our material burden. If we buy books and pass them on Free-To–Read then the books are constantly recycled and the information they contains is neither lost nor forgotten.

If everyone passes on their Free-To-Read copy of AWAKEN and some people buy copies to give to others, then it will snowball and an ever increasing number of people will have the opportunity to receive the new message it contains: that there is love and life beyond the speed of light where eternity awaits us all.