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Candle Angels ~ Ann Marie Adamson

Ann Marie Adamson provides handmade scented soy candles, wax melts and reed diffusers.

All of Candle Angels' candles, wax melts and reed diffusers are lovingly handmade. Creating stylish candles that are clean burning, have a fabulous scent throw and are long lasting, Candle angels now offer personalisation for the candle products. Perfect gifts for Christmas, a baptism, birthday, anniversary, new home or simply as a thank you. 

Using high quality Soy Wax for all their candles, soy wax has many benefits over other waxes such as paraffin wax, is non toxic and burns clear with no petrol-carbon soot that can blacken walls, ceilings and furniture. Soy wax also burns slower and cooler than paraffin wax - creating a longer burning candle.  It also has a lovely natural scent, making it perfect to add fragrance oils too.  Soy wax is a natural, renewable source and it is easier to remove from materials and other surfaces than paraffin if it is accidentally spilt. Soy wax is generally more expensive than paraffin wax yet the many benefits make a vastly better quality candle.

Email: candle-angels@hotmail.com

Facebook: /candleangels121

Tel: 07930 562142

Candle Angels ~ beautiful, handmade, scented soy candles & other products

Candle Angels ~ beautiful, handmade, scented soy candles & other products

Dr. Genevieve von Lob ~ Clinical Psychologist & Author

Dr. Genevieve von Lob is a clinical psychologist who has worked with families from every type of background during a 10-year career, spanning private practice, NHS child and adolescent mental health services and work for local authorities. She has been widely quoted in the media, including in the Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph, Daily Mirror, Red Magazine and Grazia and was also recently featured as a consultant therapist in an episode of Channel Four’s Dispatches. Genevieve lives in southwest London, is a mum to daughter Matilda and enjoys playing the piano and singing in her spare time. 

Her book "Five Deep Breaths: The Power of Mindful Parenting," was published by Transworld in 2017 and her updated book: "Happy Parent, Happy Child: A 10-Step Plan for a Stress-Free Family Life," will be out in December 2018.


You Tube: Dr Genevieve von Lob

Instagram: Dr Genevieve

Twitter: @drvonlob

Facebook: /FiveDeepBreathsParenting@DrGenevieve. 

Dr. Genevieve von Lob

Dr. Genevieve von Lob

Forever Living ~ Tracy Braniff

Founded in 1978 and located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Forever Living Products, through its group of global companies is the largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of aloe vera products in the world. For almost 40 years, Forever Living have dedicated themselves to seeking out nature’s best sources for health and beauty and sharing them with the world. With a commitment to quality and purity, they are passionate about helping everyone around the world look and feel better. For more information and to purchase products, please contact Tracy at Forever-Well.

Tel: 07803 724 260


“Packed with 75 vitamins, minerals & amino acids, there’s no better way to start the day”.

“Packed with 75 vitamins, minerals & amino acids, there’s no better way to start the day”.

Indigo Hypnosis ~ Joanne Britton

Joanne Britton CDHP, DipNLP, DipCBP, DipEFT, MNCH, CNHC

Joanne works as a clinical hypnotherapist in Loughton Essex, registered with the General Hypnotherapy Council, the National Council for Hypnotherapy and the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council.  

Specialisms include helping clients to: overcome anxiety, remove fears and phobias, break unwanted habits, smoking cessation, manage stress effectively, build confidence, sleep well, and raise self-esteem.  Hypnosis sessions with Joanne can help you to learn how to relax very deeply and allow your body and mind to come back into balance.

If you have been suffering from anxiety, stress, or even panic attacks, then hypnotherapy can really help you to get back in control. Working together with Joanne on dealing with any specific anxieties or worries, including lack of confidence, particular fears, insomnia or even problems with smoking or weight management.  When being able to relax becomes as instinctive as your fear response, life becomes so much easier.

At our recent Winter Wellness event, Joanne offered Reflexology taster sessions, talked about emotional wellbeing, how to deal with anxiety and answered questions about how hypnotherapy can help.

Tel: 07771 524 070


Email: joanne@indigohypnosis.co.uk

Facebook: /IndigoHypnosis

Indigo Hypnosis ~ Joanne Britton

Indigo Hypnosis ~ Joanne Britton

Lena Montalbano ~ Lena's Angel Healing Hands

Certified Rahanni Celestial Healing Practitioner/Teacher & Crystal Healing Therapist

Lena had previously practiced Reiki, though upon trying Rahanni it touched her heart immediately.  Rahanni means 'of one heart' and heals from a higher level of healing modality, from the 5th dimension, thus allowing the healing to be more profound than any previous therapies, in half the time. Rahanni helps balance the masculine and feminine aspects of everyone.  It is not based on any religion; it is about our natural essence and brings balance to our mind and body. It is very effective for stress, fear and grief related physical and mental issues. Provided that people are willing to be open and want to receive the healing, whether or not they believe or understand it, it really does work. Rahanni Healing will not harm in any way, it will only benefit, so why not give it a try!


Crystal healing therapy involves placing gemstones on the body to draw out negative energy. During a treatment session, various crystals and minerals are placed on or around you (while fully clothed) to induce deep relaxation, release stress and pain, and promote energy balance within the physical and subtle bodies. Healing means bringing mind, body, spirit and environment back into harmony, restoring the body’s natural rhythm and equilibrium. It does not imply a cure. A session can lift and remove negative energy and has been known to reduce aches and pains, help to aid relaxation and create a restful night’s sleep.

Tel: 07932 530592

Facebook: /lenasangels.healinghands

Email: lenasangelhealinghands@gmail.com

Rahanni Celestial Healing & Crystal Healing at Lena's Angel Healing Hands

Rahanni Celestial Healing & Crystal Healing at Lena's Angel Healing Hands

Neal's Yard ~ Paula's Beauty & Body Works

Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal Care

Paula offers a wide range of holistic treatments and was promoting Neal's Yard at our recent Winter Wellness event, where she provided mini facials and hand massage. 

Her list of qualifications are: BSc in Psychology & Health, ITEC Diploma Level 3, A&P in massage from Champney's college, plus various CPD courses from the London School of Massage, Neal's Yard & Gateway. (Also MASCED accredited).

Tel: 07957 493 906

Email: paulasbeautybodyworks@outlook.com

Facebook: /paulasbeautybodyworks

Peace of Mind ~ Eileen Sheppard

Beauty Therapist ~ Eileen Sheppard

Eileen set up Peace of Mind in 2013 and works independently as a beauty therapist with an ITEC Diploma Level 3. Having trained in both Swedish & Hot Stone Body Massage, Body Wrapping, Aromatherapy and Indian Head Massage, along with Spa & Salon Maintenance and various spa treatments, Eileen is also a proficient Psychic Tarot Reader. 

Indian Head massage, known as Champissage, has been used for centuries for cleansing, relaxation and medical purposes. The tradition has been passed on in Indian families from one generation to the next. It may relieve aches, pains and tension in your neck, back and shoulders, improve the texture of your hair and encourage it to grow. An Indian head massage stimulates the flow of blood, lymph and oxygen in your upper body, and therefore may clear your sinuses, relieve stress and help you sleep better.

Tarot has a rich history and following in many cultures, from its origins in 14th Century Europe to its modern worldwide incarnation online. We embrace and support Eileen as a reader of Tarot because we know the symbolism of Tarot crosses all cultural and spiritual boundaries to create a uniquely personal experience.

Tel: 07825 314 645  (TEXT ONLY)

Facebook: /eileenpaulasheppard

Eileen Sheppard

Eileen Sheppard

The Sage Son ~ Sonya Robertson

Crystals, Healing & Therapies

The Sage Son, owned by Sonya Robertson, offers crystals, holistic jewellery, accredited crystal healing & workshops and more.  Sonya's has been on a quest to follow her spiritual path and is a walking example of the phrase 'Breakdown before the Breakthrough', putting it down to having absolute faith and trust in the path she is living - recognising that the obstacles, homelessness and relationship breakdowns are all part of the journey to living her best life.

Throughout her awakening, she has drawn upon her skills as a facilitator and project manager, together with her intuitive abilities, to run spiritually themed workshops focusing on the path to self-healing, to guide clients on their own journey's of discovery and inner knowing. Sonya is accredited and insured to deliver Chakra Balance and Crystal Healing treatments and is trained to teach meditation. She also works intuitively to read the subtle body information surrounding the aura.

Sonya recently wrote a written feature on Hidden Chakras that was published in the December 2017 of Spirit and Destiny Magazine.


Email: thesageson@outlook.com

Facebook: /SonyaAndTheSageSon

Instagram: /thesageson

The Sage Son

The Sage Son

Sin Photography

Sinem Ahmet ~ Sin Photography

Sinem’s love for photography was born 9 years ago after the birth of her eldest daughter ignited an undiscovered passion. Then came her husband’s gift of a Nikon camera ~ and the rest is history!

Sinem’s artistic and creative flair from childhood was never considered as a career; upon finding Photography she was at last able to express herself and share her gift. With Sinem’s love of sunshine, flora and fauna, she strives to capture the beauty of natural light found outdoors at any opportunity. Showing off the delicate artistry of nature, Sinem finds delight in the simplest things that unearth the most beautiful and encourage us to slow down to appreciate the moments that would otherwise pass us by. 

Families and children are Sinem‘s main focus at this time, which also grant the chance to get creative with product styling. Looking to expand and explore other areas of photography, Sinem is open to receiving exciting project requests and is now covering a range of event shoots, including Queston’s recent Winter Wellness event. 

Book Sinem now for a Christmas album to treasure.

Facebook: Sin Photography

Instagram: Sin_photography79

Sinem, photographer for Queston's recent ‘Winter Wellness at Gilwell’ event

Sinem, photographer for Queston's recent ‘Winter Wellness at Gilwell’ event

Tranquil Healing ~ Anna Kostara

Anna Kostara is a member of The Federation Of Holistic Therapists (FHT) and shall be providing Reiki and Facial Reflexology at the Winter Wellness event on 4th November.

Anna has been a fully qualified therapist since 2003 and works in her private practice based in Chingford, at Neal's Yard Therapy rooms in Covent Garden & at Bababoom in Loughton, Essex. Anna has the belief that we have all of the resources to make the changes we want in our lives and aims to help you tap into your full potential, finding the best treatment for your needs.

Facial Reflexology is a deeply relaxing therapy that helps to bring the body to it's natural homeostasis by clearing energy blocks and thus relieving stress within the body. Clients can expect to see positive effects in skin tone, complexion and circulation in just the first treatment! Facial Reflexology can noticeably smooth the skin and fine lines by increasing lymphatic drainage to the area; regular treatments are recommended for longer lasting results. Facial Reflexology was pioneered by Ziggie Bergman, and her anti-aging Zone Face Lift is being taught and practiced worldwide.

Reiki is a system that balances, heals and harmonizes all aspects of the person, mind, body and spirit and is effective in encouraging personal development and spiritual awareness. Reiki in Japanese means 'Spiritually guided life force energy'.  It is a safe and gentle non-intrusive healing technique administered by the 'laying of hands'. Reiki is based on the theory that an unseen life force energy flows through us, and if depleted, one is more likely to get sick or feel stressed; if it is high we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

Facebook:  /tranquilhealing

Instagram: anna_tranquilhealing


To book in advance with Anna at the event, please email: events@questonwellness.com with the Subject Line: Book Anna

Anna Kostara, Tranquil Healing: Reiki & Facial Reflexology at Winter Wellness event

Anna Kostara, Tranquil Healing: Reiki & Facial Reflexology at Winter Wellness event

Transformation Through Sound ~ Catherine Edgar

One-to-one sound therapy, holistic voice mentoring/coaching, feel good retreats, soundbaths, meditation CDs, healing gigs, mobile holistic shop and more.

Sound Therapy is suitable for all ages and is useful for balancing the emotions and improving our physical health and mental well-being. Sound Therapy, in some cases, can be a good way of resetting the body back to it’s authentic self.

Working with her voice, sound, gongs, drums, tuning forks and crystals, Catherine is a healer of the soul and having started as a community support worker in mental health practises, her aim as a holistic therapist is to support individuals or groups in letting go of out-dated thought patterns to become the best that they can be. 

Catherine works with a wide range of clients; working as a channel and incorporating her spirit guides, each experience is unique and beneficial for the individual or group member with the aim to promote and encourage both spiritual and physical wellbeing.

Diplomas in Sound therapy, PPA (pre-school learning alliance) & certificates in Community Care (Royal institute of Hospital Health and Hygiene), Advocacy, Adults & Children with Challenging  Behaviour, Manifestation Acceleration Technique, Manifestation & Abundance, Basic Reflexology, Indian Head, Neck, Shoulder & Face Massage, Crystal Reiki, Angelic Reiki Master Teacher & Reiki Drum.

At our Winter Wellness event, Catherine will have the gongs on display and shall be providing individual healing sessions as well as a soundbath demonstration showing the magnificent healing resonance and energy of the gongs.

Tel: 07799 090 103

Facebook: /transformationthroughsound

Skype: CathyEdgar (Transformation through sound)


To book in advance with Catherine at the event, please email: events@questonwellness.com with the Subject Line: Book Catherine

Transformation Through Sound, Cathy Edgar: Gong-bath demo & 1-2-1 tuning sessions

Transformation Through Sound, Cathy Edgar: Gong-bath demo & 1-2-1 tuning sessions

Weleda ~ Joanne Permaul

Weleda, Multi-national Beauty Products

Producing both beauty products and naturopathic medicines with designs based on anthroposophic priciples. Weleda are the original green, natural medicines and wellbeing products company, founded by Steiner in 1921. Weleda products are grown organically, biodynamically, are fair-trade, sustainable, cruelty-free, no chemicals, Natrue certified and have therapeutic properties. 

As a trained homeopath, Jo will also be giving free health and wellbeing advice at our Winter Wellness event as well as hand massages, plus offering advice on best products for the family this autumn and winter. Weleda have an additional large vegan range and offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Tel: 07932 172 098

Email: joanne.permaul@weleda-advisor.co.uk


To book in advance with Jo at the event, please email: events@questonwellness.com with the Subject Line: Book Jo

Weleda products and wellbeing advice from Joanne Permaul

Weleda products and wellbeing advice from Joanne Permaul

Yellow moon Yoga ~ Karen Morrell

Karen Morrell ~ Yoga Practitioner: Accessible yoga for all

Karen is a qualified masseur and specialises in working with people with complex needs. Unlike stretching or fitness, yoga is more than just physical postures. Even within the physical practice, yoga is unique because we connect the movement of the body and the fluctuations of the mind to the rhythm of our breath. Connecting the mind, body, and breath helps us to direct our attention inward and thus we learn to recognise our habitual thought patterns without labelling or judging them. We become more aware of our experiences from moment to moment; both body and mind become more flexible by doing yoga on a regular basis. 

Karen shall be providing a yoga demonstration at the event. You may wish to bring your own yoga mat and towel. It is also helpful to have a pair of yoga leggings, (Queston highly recommend Yoga Leggs - discount available exclusively with Winter Wellness event ticket) and a t-shirt that's not too baggy. No special footwear is required as it is practised barefoot. All you really need to practice yoga is your body, your mind and a bit of curiosity.

Tel: 07843 275 658

Email: karen270261@hotmail.com

Karen Morrell ~ Yoga Practitioner, providing yoga taster demonstration on the day

Karen Morrell ~ Yoga Practitioner, providing yoga taster demonstration on the day

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